Slot types

Slots are by far the most popular game played in the online casino industry and because of this the variety of games are endless. The most exciting thing about these games is the amount of bonuses that is offered by online casinos. If you take advantage of these offers you will be able to play with free money and still stand the chance of winning. But how does it work and what do you need to do to better your chances of winning that life changing amount? It’s all explained below.


On the front of the machine you will see spinning symbols and this is called reels. When slots were firsts introduced, reels use to be large metal loops that physically spun inside a machine, now they are generally just for show. Advanced slot games use five reels whereas the old-school slot machines only used three. The higher number of reels make larger jackpots possible because it is harder to win on a game with more reels.


It might be one of the most important features of a slot machine. It is the line on which a pay-out will be awarded based on winning combinations. The number of pay lines will differ from one slot to another and it is important to understand that you will only win payouts on lines that you bet on. Say there are 25 pay lines and you only bet on 10 (of the possible 25) and the winning combination falls in one of the other pay lines, you will not win because you didn’t bet on that specific pay line.


*Classic Slots

If you enjoy the old-school feel of the original brick and mortar slot machine, this will be the perfect option for you. You will hear the sounds of the wheel spinning and the ka-ching if you win. It is the perfect introduction because it is easy and the simplicity will allow you to learn the ropes of slot play very quickly

*Video Slots

The graphics are incredibly beautiful and real and there are no limits on creative design and gameplay. Video slots can have over 100 pay lines, a wide variety of bonus symbols and many interactive mini-games so you will never get bored. Often the slot will open with a short film telling the story behind them.

*Fruit Machines

It might seem very similar to the classic slot but there are many differences. This machine will require player interaction because of the variety of gambling features in the game. Cash ladder is when you will determine your next move by guessing higher or lower and the game also has a bonus trail whereby players click to stop a icon to find out what the bonus prize win is.

*3D Slots

This slot will offer you a realistic and exciting gaming experience. The software of these games are hi-tech and deliver smooth and fast game play. It is often a goal of reputable online casinos to offer their players this game with t’s incredible 3D animations. You will almost feel like you are playing a virtual game. If you like a storyline and progressing through different levels, this slot is for you.


Wins are determined by a random number generator (RNG) which some believe makes it impossible to use strategy to win but they are wrong. There are many ways to fatten up your bankroll which will give you the opportunity to place bigger bets, which will result in bigger possible wins and it is called bonuses. below you will find the different kinds of bonuses that is regularly being offered to slot fans across the globe.

*Free Spins – No Deposit

If you are new to online gambling and slots and want to test the water before making a deposit, you will be happy to know that there are many no deposit, free spins bonuses available. One online casino might offer you 5 whereas a different online casino will offer you 20 free spins. Once you’ve opened your account, the free spins will be loaded to your account and you will be able to spin the reels for free, with no strings attached.

*Deposit – Free Spins

If you are prepared to make a small deposit, you will get loads of value for your money. For example: The online casino will give you 200 free spins if you make a $20 deposit. You can win real money when using the free spins and your wins will be added to your bankroll.

*Loyalty – Free Spins

Online casinos reward their players for their loyalty so this means the more you deposit, the bigger and better you bonus offers will be. The offers differ in shape and size but they will send you a mail informing you that they’ve loaded 150 free spins to your account, for example.