As exciting as live casinos seem, you might be asking yourself questions like what do they look like, how do they work or can I find bonuses on live casinos as well. If you read on, you will know the answer to all of your questions. Live casino play is easy, efficient and loads of fun and offers you the best of of both worlds. You will be able to enjoy the competitiveness of playing against real players with a real dealer but you will still have the luxury of playing in the comfort of your own home.


When the online casino started booming, live casinos popped up one after the other and offered players a happy medium between land-based casinos and online casinos. You log in to your account, go to the live casino section in the games lobby and join live table games, it is as simple as that.

The variety of games available is impressive and allows you to play anything from roulette, blackjack, poker and more. You will also be able to play different variations of each game so the possibilities are endless. Players join live sessions in real time that comes with a live dealer and real players. Communication is made possible by a live chat option which makes the social aspect of the game very exciting.

In a studio, somewhere the live dealer is surrounded by high tech cameras and equipment that captures a live feed of the dealers operations. The dealer can see all activities using a screen so he/she will see all virtual players from around the world and the bets that they are placing.


It is as simple as playing any normal table game. You login into your account, go to the live casino games section, join your preferred table and start playing. Yes, it is actually that simple. Once you join the table you will be transported into a live studio and will be met by the live dealer after which gameplay begins. You will then be able to place your bets and play as if you are playing a normal table game.


When playing slots, the outcome is based mostly on luck. If you play table games, you can use strategy to better your chances of winning. So, when you join a table at a live casino, you should keep a few things in mind.

*Don’t believe the myths

Players sometimes believe in myths applying to brick and mortar casinos. For instance, many players believe a roulette wheel can sometimes be imbalanced which will result in the favour of a certain number. Don’t believe these myths because they honestly don’t apply to live casinos. There are multiple hi-tech cameras surrounding the game so the chances of something like this slipping through is zero.

*Play at a reputable online casino

Live casinos differ from one another and one will offer you a higher number of tables than a other live casino. Read reviews and ratings before choosing a live casino to play at.

*The pit boss is important

Live dealers are incredibly well trained and pros at their job but they are human and all humans, sometimes make mistakes. Should you pick up a mistake, you should immediately report it to the pitt boss. This is someone who overlooks the the live games, almost like a supervisor. Should the report be valid, they will end the game and return all the money.

*Promotions are great, use them

One of the biggest perks of playing live casino is that promotions that are offered often. This is not the case with land-based casinos. Many offers specifically cater for live casino so sign-up to the newsletters and social media pages to stay up to date.


*Live Roulette

Players are represented with a real roulette table and dealer that stands behind the table. The numbers on the lines of the roulette table makes betting options practical. It is very realistic and easy to use and the multiple cameras provide players different views of the game while it is at play.

*Live Blackjack

When playing live blackjack you will be presented with a live table that includes a single hand game. Many betting options are available and progressive betting options can be enjoyed. A multi-player table is also offered which will be played exactly the same as a land-based casino.

*Live Poker

A Ante bet is placed by each player which will include you in the next round and provides additional options after the community cards are dealt. The game will be played on a professional poker table and will include on table betting options. Side bets are also available but will differ from one live casino to another. Live poker is the most popular game played at live casinos and the wins made are sometimes massive.