Table games are accompanied by a sense of excitement. The games have resulted in many players hailed as legends. The stories of how they became legends are sometimes truly magnificent.


The 70-year old partypoker Team Pro boasts with more than $5.7 million live tournament wins which dates back to the 80’s, when the poker industry was totally different than it is today. He founded the Tournament of Champions of Poker, that at the time, was the only poker tournament that players had to qualify for. He played a massive role in the set-up of partypoker and even chose the company’s name. The legend is a true poker ambassador and is also known for promoting the game through his commentary for the World Poker Tour.


He was regarded as the best Texas Hold’em player of all time and has 5 WSOP bracelets to his name. His total earnings was $3,675,321 and he is listed at 307th on the All Time Money List. He claimed that he won his first WSOP when playing his very firs Texas Hold’em tournament. The year after this incredible win he defended his title which gave him intense celebrity status. Unfortunately this led to 15 years of cocaine addiction and numerous bankruptcies. He passed away at the age of 45 but this prodigy will never be forgotten.


Listed 8th on the All Time Money List and with $23,856,033 of total live earnings and a staggering 10 WSOP Bracelets, this legend can not go without mentioning. He made a name for himself at a very young age and regarded by a large group of his peers as the best all-round player in the world. He is the personification of professionalism and well respected in the industry. His first encounter with poker was at the age of 8 when his grandfather taught him the game of Five Card Stud which resulted in his immense love for poker.


He is known as the grandfather of poker and also has 10 WSOP bracelets to his name. He is respected for his relationship with other players and his willingness to learn young players. He has been playing poker for over 50 years and when he started his career, the only tournaments where sizeable amounts of money could be won, were organises by gangsters. He admitted to having a gun pulled on him on many occasions during his early career. The former school headmaster wrote a book ‘Super/System’ which contributed to the popularity of poker in a massive way.


How this legend was introduced to the world of poker is truly incredible. In 1974 he decided to spend some time in Las Vegas before starting his studies in law at Stanford University. By the time he had to start attending class, he won a whopping $100,000 so the 23-year old decided to leave his studies and started playing professionally. This is one decision that changed poker over the years. In the next decade he became a undisputed master and even contributed to Doyle Brunson’s book, ‘Super/System’. He was a incredibly devoted family man and took a back seat to spend more time at home but his children urged him to play again because they wanted to see him compete on television. In the following three years he achieved incredible success, outplaying the established poker players at the time.


The author of ‘Blackjack for Blood’ started his blackjack career in the 1970’s. He once had a losing streak that lasted for 47 hours and had to play another 141 hours to win the money back. He developed the Omega II Blackjack machine to help him analyse the game and once said during a interview that he always wanted to beat the casino at their own game.


The American mathematics professor invented a card counting technique for blackjack which was very successful. The technique teaches players how keep track of the cards played to determine the remaining cards. He also wrote a book ‘Beat the Dealer’ and due to the success of the book popularity in blackjack grew immensely.


He started his blackjack career as part of a team in Atlantic City. The team that consisted of four members put $4000 in their bankroll but it soon totalled to $50000. Tommy believes that playing in a team makes the losses a little bit more devastating and this makes sense because each member the team has a certain role to fulfil in order to get the job done. One would count card, the other use ace sequencing and others will concentrate on the shuffle tracking. He has had as many as 40 players in his teams which includes members from all over the country. He has mastered the art of card counting since 1979 and has become so good that casinos usually ask him to leave if the recognise him, but he wears costumes to make it difficult for them.

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