During any festive season online casinos dish out tons of spectacular promotions but it seems that in 2018 they just never stopped with their generosity. It might be because the market has become increasingly competitive and that means more strategic marketing from online casinos. Whatever the reason may be, you need to take note of these daily campaigns and take full advantage of them.

You can can kick-start your adventure with countless sign-up bonuses but your bonus-grabs do not have to stop there.

Where to find daily bonuses

Online casinos have many platforms that you can follow to stay up to date with the latest deals and freebies. Newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and online forums are updated daily so there is no reason for you to miss out.

It works like this

Daily bonuses will be offered on specific days of the week and sometimes only for certain games. Very often it will be when they release a new slot. It gives you the opportunity to play something new that you most probably didn’t know about, for free. The credits or free spins will automatically be loaded to your account.

Take full advantage

It seems to have become a trend among online casinos to hand out daily bonuses so you can find a bonus or promotion every single day. If your casino of choice only offers them on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays, you can find a different casino that will offer them on the other days. The payouts are also pretty decent, so it is possible to strike it lucky by spending absolutely nothing.

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